Athene Consult

Dries Van Nieuwenhuyse


        Performance Management Coach and Decision-Making Facilitator






“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”


Nathaniel Branden

Awareness building

Making people aware of their current way of making decisions and what it might be is always a challenge. Many people think that Performance Management is limited to reporting. They assume all insights will pop-up from their reports. They tend to forget that understanding the interactions between all metrics is crucial rather than the measurements on their own.

Through key note presentations at different forums of key decision-makers we make people aware of further possibilities of Performance Management. We illustrate that the blend of Strategic, Financial, Business and Analytical Intelligence is far better than just applying those disciplines on their own.

Key notes are mostly prepared with the person responsible for Performance Management in order to customize the message using real examples of the company itself. Preparation and key note mostly span a few days.