Athene Consult

Dries Van Nieuwenhuyse


        Performance Management Coach and Decision-Making Facilitator






“Whoever has really sacrificed anything, knows that he wanted and got something in return”


Friedrich Nietzsche

Quantification of Return on Investment…

Data can be turned into information which can then be turned into insights, if properly understood and with the needed competence to do so. Illustrating the ROI of investing in Performance Management proves to be very important to decide whether one wants to invest or not. Understanding the real needs of the organization and match these with real high value adding tooling and knowledge can make clear that Performance Management is more than just reporting.

Pinpointing savings in efficiency of the information handling and reporting is one thing that counts. Illustrating the effectiveness that can be gained is another thing. Blending savings and new opportunities into a balanced estimate of expected return can then be confronted with the investments that are needed. Getting these insights helps open eyes on the added value and helps convincing people to go for it.

Building a case for Performance Management mostly takes about two to three weeks of work, depending on the complexity of the organization and the awareness of the decision-makers.